The Chowstalker Community Cookbook

Chowstalker Cookbook

I’m so happy to share with you about an AMAZING new eBook for those following a Paleo/Primal lifestyle called ‘The Chowstalker Community Cookbook’. You may already know what Chowstalker is or maybe you don’t… Chowstalker is a sub-page along with Dessertstalker and Gardenstalker of the popular recipe website StalkervilleThis website is choc-full of recipes catering to the Paleo/Primal lifestyles so if you haven’t checked out that site yet I highly recommend you do!

Back to the Chowstalker Community Cookbook… a few months ago I received an email from the creators of Chowstalker to participate in their very first community cookbook and I was so excited to have been asked to contribute to this fantastic resource for this great community I am a part of. At the time though I was flooded with a long to-do list and wasn’t sure that I would be able to give this wonderful eBook the justice it deserved, but after some back and forth communication with the great people behind this cookbook I contributed one of my previous recipes to be shared in the book. The recipe I shared was my ‘Persian Roasted Butternut Squash Soup’ which is a great way to take regular butternut squash soup and turn it into something even more delicious and full of flavour!


The Chowstalker Community Cookbook

Now I want to make something clear here, The Chowstalker Community Cookbook is not just filled with previously shared recipes from bloggers.

The cookbook has so much more to offer and includes:

  • - 250+ pages of information and recipes related to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle.
  • - 138 recipes, 70 of which are original recipes only ever featured in The Chowstalker Community Cookbook.
  • - 92 profiles of the bloggers behind the recipes, including some of the more prominent figures in this community (e.g. Arsy Vartanian, Russ Crandall, Melissa Joulwan and George Bryant).
  • - Hundreds of money and time saving tips to help you along your journey.
  • - Information about each recipe such as if it is 21DSD, Whole30 or AIP compliant (just to name a few).

Chowstalker Community Cookbook

The Chowstalker Cookbook is divided into 11 sections with 8 of those sections being dedicated to the recipes shared in the book.

The recipes are divided into the following categories:

  • - Things that graze.
  • - Things that oink.
  • - Things with wings.
  • - Things that swim.
  • - Things that hatch.
  • - Things in bowls.
  • - Things without faces.
  • - Other things.

Some of the recipes featured include:

  • - Braised Oxtail Stew.
  • - Greek Meatza.
  • - Chorizo Jalapeno Poppers.
  • - Cilantro Lime Shrimp Scampi.
  • - Plantain French Toast Squares.
  • - Pork meatloaf with cauliflower, apple and fennel.

To learn more about The Chowstalker Community Cookbook see here.

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Primal Life Kit – Paleo Plan

Primal Life Kit

Hey guys I hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed your time off with family & friends. We had some nice weather over the long weekend which was nice… it makes such a big difference with the sun out! So I wanted to share with you an AMAZING bundle that will be going on from April 21st – April 28th called ‘Primal Life Kit’. The Kit includes over 49 Paleo + Primal products which all up are worth $1500 but can be yours for JUST $39 for one week! Best of all this bundle sale is open to everyone. [Read more...]

The Gelatin Secret Review



I received ‘The Gelatin Secret: The surprising superfood that transforms your health and beauty’ from my buddy Sylvie over at Hollywood Homestead recently and wanted to share my review here with you. If you’re part of the paleo/primal/real food community you will have noticed that the word ‘gelatin’ or ‘gelatine’ depending on where you’re from, gets thrown around a lot and with good reason. Gelatin really is a superfood and has many far reaching benefits.

In ‘The Gelatin Secret’ you will find over 45 recipes both savoury and sweet that will help you and your family get the benefits of gelatin in your diet. You will also find real food success stories from Sylvie and her husband Eric as well as in-depth information about gelatin, how it can help our bodies in a variety of ways and how to include it in your diet. But before we get into a bit more detail about the book let’s start by defining just what gelatin is… [Read more...]

Simple Cucumber Salad (Uborkasaláta)

Simple cucumber salad Hungarian

Uborkasálata is a simple and refreshing cucumber salad from Hungary and it is one of my husband’s favourites. Since our recent trip to Budapest I have been making more Hungarian recipes at home and will be sharing them over time here with you. This cucumber salad has 8 ingredients, 2 of those are optional so you can see it really is a simple. This simple cucumber salad can also be kept covered in the fridge for a few days to enjoy. [Read more...]