Simple Cucumber Salad (Uborkasaláta)

Simple cucumber salad Hungarian

Uborkasálata is a simple and refreshing cucumber salad from Hungary and it is one of my husband’s favourites. Since our recent trip to Budapest I have been making more Hungarian recipes at home and will be sharing them over time here with you. This cucumber salad has 8 ingredients, 2 of those are optional so you can see it really is a simple. This simple cucumber salad can also be kept covered in the fridge for a few days to enjoy. [Read more...]

Hungarian Rice Cake (Rizskoch)

Hungarian rice cake or Rizskoch

Hungarian Rice Cake, called Rizskoch is a traditional Hungarian dessert that is like a form of rice pudding, only it is baked to form a cake. Some people add sultanas to the mix and others leave them out, I  have made Hungarian Rice Cake both ways and prefer it with sultanas added to the mix. This cake is not overly sweet because traditionally it is served with jam, although I recently tried it with a drizzle of honey on top and really liked that. As some of you may know my husband is of Hungarian background and recently we travelled to Budapest. It was an amazing trip and it was great to be able to visit the city where my husband’s family is from. [Read more...]

The Paleo Foodie Cookbook Review + Giveaway

The Paleo Foodie Cookbook,  Arsy Vartanian

When ‘The Paleo Foodie Cookbook’ by Arsy Vartanian, the amazing blogger behind Rubies & Radishes arrived on my doorstep I was instantly in love. Just from looking at the cover I knew that this cookbook was going to be a winner and after trying out several of the dishes I can safely say it really is. The title of Arsy’s book really resonates with me because I consider myself a foodie too and when you go through this book you can know it’s coming from a true foodie, someone who has a passion for cooking and eating delicious, quality food. [Read more...]

Roasted Celeriac Mash with Paprika

Roasted celeriac mash with paprika

I’ve been on a bit of a celeriac/celery root kick lately. I had never even tasted it, let alone cooked with it until a few weeks ago. I recently just shared this recipe as a guest post over on ‘A Girl Worth Saving’ which also uses roasted celeriac but for this recipe I turned it into a mash. Celeriac is a funny looking vegetable but once you get past the look, the taste is delicious! Roasting and mashing celeriac are just a couple of ways to prepare it, you can also use it raw in salads, make soup with it or turn it into pasta like in this recipe. [Read more...]