Poached Summer Fruit Crostata

Poached Summer Fruit Crostata

Have you been shopping lately? Have you noticed how places are already stocking Christmas items, right along side Halloween ones? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it, happens every year… actually it seems like every year the gap between the actual holiday and when stores start stocking items for that holiday increases! There is something unnatural about seeing Christmas decorations for sale in September and it’s the same with food. While it seems like everyone else has already jumped on the PUMPKIN EVERYTHING bandwagon, I’m over here like HEYYYYYY it’s still technically Summer and Autumn/Fall doesn’t actually start until September 22nd despite what that coffee places that sells Pumpkin Spiced Lattes may say. [Read more...]

Hungarian Pepper Stew (Lecsó)


I realise it has been a LONG time since I posted here! I guess making another international move, plus trying to settle back here and into a new place means time taken away from blogging. So I guess I should update you all on what’s been going on since we moved back to the States. Well I can safely say we are definitely much happier being here despite some hiccups that we have faced along the way, mainly with our current rental property! It’s a long story but basically the place we are in now is way overpriced for what it is, it’s not a very functional place (the kitchen is small and doesn’t have much storage space) and it was basically handed to us in bad condition!  [Read more...]

The Zenbelly Cookbook Review + Giveaway

The Zenbelly Cookbook Review

*GIVEAWAY CLOSED*The winner of the Zenbelly Cookbook is Alexis M. Congratulations! Thanks everyone for entering and be on the lookout for future giveaways from me! 

I was lucky enough to recently be sent a pre-released copy of the lovely Simone from Zenbelly’s cookbook ‘The Zenbelly Cookbook – An Epicurean’s Guide to Paleo Cuisine’ which is due to out August 12th. I was actually worried that the book wouldn’t make it here in time before our move back to the States so I asked Simone if she would be kind enough to send me a PDF copy for review instead, hoping that maybe the physical book hadn’t been sent out yet. Luckily for me the book arrived just in time though, actually the day before the removalists came out to ship our stuff which was great because it gave me time to sit down and read and look through the book before having to ship it. [Read more...]

Happiness and Life

Helen Keller quote on happiness.

image courtesy of www.my3monsters.com

This post is about happiness and life, it’s about past reflections and future changes.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time now but every time I’ve come to sit down and write, the words don’t come out the way I want them to. This blog is my space on the internet where I come to share my recipes and creations with my readers and every now and then I share things like this. But this post is different… I’ve never written a post like this, something so personal and to be honest it makes me nervous and scared at the same time. I tossed and turned nearly all night last night and woke up at 4am thinking about how I was going to write this post. [Read more...]