Raspberry Rose Gummies

raspberry-rose-gummies I created these ‘Raspberry Rose Gummies’ recently to share because I wanted another way to use rose water in my cooking. I love the smell and flavour of rose water, plus I have a bag full of edible dried rose petals that my dear mum had gifted me on our trip back home to Australia last year, which I like to sometimes use in my food photos, like I did here. I love that I can whip up these ‘Raspberry Rose Gummies’ in a matter of minutes and have them stored in the fridge to eat here and there, they are especially great if you have kids! Plus they are made with just 5 real food ingredients unlike similar products you find in the store with a long list of ingredients you can barely read, let alone understand. These of course contain gelatin, not just any kind of gelatin, but gelatin that comes from grass-fed cows which as we know is beneficial in many ways, including for gut health, joint health, skin/hair/nails health and much more!  If you have moulds you can make different shapes out of this raspberry rose mixture or just add to a square glass dish and cut into squares once set.

Raspberry Rose Gummies

gummies with raspberry and rose.


CLICK HERE to get the full recipe!

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Want to know more about how gelatin can improve your health and how to add it to your food? Check out ‘The Gelatin Secret’ 

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