Mayonnaise is probably one of my favourite condiments but when I switched to eating real food I stopped eating mayo and basically avoided it like the plague! Why? Because whenever I went in search of mayo in the supermarket/grocery store all I ever found were jars of mayo that had an ingredient list the length of my arm that were not so great TERRIBLE! So I just stopped eating it. As you may be aware nearly all the mayo you find at the store is made with some kind of vegetable oil, like canola oil and even if a particular jar of mayo boasts on the front that it’s made with olive oil well sadly it’s again usually blended with some kind of vegetable oil as well. [Read more…]



Some of you may know that I grew up in the sunny, beach city of Perth, Western Australia (I moved to Melbourne in my early 20s). Most of my childhood memories are centred around going to the beach or different parks on the weekends with my family (including some of my aunts, uncles and cousins) and a bunch of family friends. It felt like nearly every weekend we would pack up some food and take a drive out to the beach or the park and spend pretty much the entire day there. We would eat, swim, play, eat some more, swim, play, eat… and so on. Often on these outings my mum would make what we Persians call ‘Salad Olivieh’ or ‘Persian Chicken and Potato Salad’, I believe this recipe takes its name from the Russian ‘Olivier Salad’ and uses simple everyday ingredients, some of which you may already have ready, to create a delicious creamy chicken salad that makes an excellent food to take on an outing or to serve up at your next spring/summer party! Making this dish took me right back to my days growing up in Perth and is one of my favourite dishes I grew up eating! [Read more…]


As you may know I have a love for cookbooks… whenever I go past a bookstore I want to immediately run in and make a beeline for the cooking section. I love actually reading cookbooks and having that feeling of getting to know the author of the book better. I’ve always said that my dream house would have floor to ceiling bookshelves everywhere filled with books (lots and lots of cookbooks to be exact!). Now the funny thing is that even though I love cookbooks, I don’t find myself cooking out of the ones I have very often, maybe that’s because I have this blog and I want to come up with my own ideas or maybe it’s because I just enjoy playing around with food. Well, I think it’s both those reasons but it’s more… I often like to take someone’s recipe and put my own twist on it and that’s what I’ve done with this ‘Pear and Allspice Slow Cooked Pulled Pork’ recipe. [Read more…]



If you thought muffins could only be sweet well you’re wrong… my ‘Spicy Meat Muffins’ will show you that savoury muffins are just as tasty as their sweet counterparts and actually a lot easier to make! Plus of course these ‘Spicy Meat Muffins’ have the added benefits of being a great portable snack or on-the-go breakfast that you can take with you anywhere and they also make a great lunchbox idea for those of you with kids (if they are too spicy for the kids you can just swap the red pepper flakes for another spice or remove it altogether). You can also freeze these meat muffins, so make an extra batch and freeze in your desired portions. [Read more…]