Rosemary Lemon Garlic Lamb with Sweet Potato Noodles

Slow cooked lamb with sweet potato noodles

I came across a rather interesting blog yesterday. There’s a woman in Amsterdam who is taking on life as a cavewoman for 100 days. From what I’ve read she has already been following a Paleo diet but is taking it to the next level by attempting to imitate homo sapiens living 40,000 years ago. You can read more about her journey and progress here… I think it’s pretty cool!

I’m not sure that I could survive without my modern kitchen equipment for cooking! I wouldn’t even know where to build a fire without someone thinking I was a little crazy so props to her for taking on this experiment.

Speaking of modern kitchen equipment… or maybe not so modern since it’s been around for a long time but my slow cooker is probably one of my most useful kitchen items. I bought mine back in America for dirt cheap and while it’s not as fancy as some of the other models and it is heavy and clunky it gets the job done! Joe on the other hand isn’t a big fan of it especially when I make bone broth in it… he says I stink the house out when I make it. It’s kind of true… why does bone broth smell so bad when it’s cooking?!

I use it a lot for cooking up a whole chicken and then using the meat for meals throughout the week, although it never lasts more than 2-3 days max. Then of course I freeze the leftover bones to make chicken stock when I need it. I just think having a piece of equipment where you can just throw a bunch of ingredients in and turn on a switch and it will cook you delicious food is very much worth it, even if it does take up a lot of room (mine does at least!) So yeh if you don’t have a slow cooker then hurry up get one!

lemon, rosemary and garlic

My latest slow cooker obsession has been to slow cook a half leg of lamb in there. You can find great quality lamb in this country, in fact one of the first things I noticed here was the large amount of sheep and cattle you see grazing on pasture here. I mean you won’t see it in a big city like London but in smaller towns like ours they are EVERY WHERE! It’s very cool to see!

I know not everyone is a fan of lamb. I on the other hand grew up eating it all the time and my mum would often make hers in the slow cooker as well, which I personally think is one of the best ways to cook lamb since it creates such a tender piece of meat. If you have tried lamb and didn’t like it or if you’ve never had it I recommend trying it slow cooked first. You can do this in a slow cooker or in your oven.

Last week I  decided to make a meal out of some lamb and sweet potato. I used another one of my favourite kitchen items, which I’m also obsessed with to make noodles out of the sweet potato. I used one of these… do you have one? Again I HIGHLY recommend getting one!

Rosemary Lemon Garlic Lamb with Sweet Potato Noodles

Slow cooked lamb with sweet potato noodles

  • 1/2 leg of lamb (make sure it will fit into your slow cooker otherwise you might have to get some of the bone end cut off).
  • 3-4 stalks fresh rosemary.
  • 3-4 garlic cloves, peeled.
  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon.
  • 1/2 cup liquid, this can be either water, stock or wine (if Whole30′ing don’t use wine).
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes.
  • 1-2 Tbsp grass-fed butter, ghee or coconut oil.
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil.
  • Sea salt.
  • Freshly cracked black pepper.
  • Flat leaf parsley, for garnish (optional).

Rinse and pat dry your leg of lamb.

Season all over with sea salt and black pepper.

Remove the rosemary from the stalk and add to a food processor, along with your lemon zest and garlic cloves. Process until mixed then slowly drizzle in your olive oil.

Spread the paste all over the lamb and let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour or preferably over night.

When ready to cook let it sit at room temperature for a bit (I left mine for 10 minutes) then place in your slow cooker.

Pour over your chosen 1/2 cup of liquid (I used chicken stock) and squeeze over the juice of the lemon you zested.

Place on low heat and allow to cook for 6-8 hours depending on the size of your leg of lamb. I left mine for 7 hours.

Once ready remove onto a chopping board and let it rest for about 10 minutes before slicing into it.

For the sweet potato noodles, peel your sweet potatoes and then cut each one in thirds. Use your spiraliser to create long noodle strands. I must admit I find it a little tricky to use something like a sweet potato that’s a little hard on my spiraliser compared to something like zucchini, so some of my noodles turned out shorter than others. Does anyone have any tips for this?

If you don’t have a spiraliser you can use a mandoline to create long thin strands of sweet potato and if you don’t have a mandoline then maybe just forego the sweet potato and use something like zucchini for your noodles since I think creating sweet potato noodles with a regular vegetable/julienne peeler might be too difficult… I could be wrong!

Once your noodles are ready. Add your butter/ghee into a skillet and place on medium heat. Once melted throw in your noodles and season with S&P. Toss to coat and cook until softened.

Serve with some sliced slow cooked leg of lamb on top and garnish with some flat leaf parsley (if you like) on top.

You can make the lamb the day before and store it in the fridge ready to be added to your sweet potato noodles later. I put my lamb on over night and then made my sweet potato noodles just before dinner that night and heated the lamb through before serving.

Apart from some delicious lamb you can also end up with some delicious bone marrow, depending on the size of the bone in your leg of lamb. DO NOT throw the bone away after the lamb has been cooked! I know it might sound gross but as kids my sisters and I would literally FIGHT over the bone marrow and we would sit there sucking it out of the bone! Back then I had no idea that bone marrow was actually good for you, I just ate it because I thought it was tasty! And of course you can use the left over lamb bones to make lamb stock!


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    One tip I saw on another site was to microwave or ‘warm’ the potatoes for a minute or two. You can microwave them or warm them in the oven, this makes them slightly softer and easier to slice, either with a mandolin or a spiral slicer. Thank you for the recipe, I am going to add this to the menu for this week!

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    It’s funny: I read a bit of the “cavewoman for 100 days” blog and… forget iPhones, washing machines and flights to Prague. Isn’t she using one of her wildcards for toilet use? Ha!

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    Oh it’s definitely worth it and so much fun to use! We sent him a video message yesterday, my SIL said he cried when he saw it :( he is still in hospital and pretty down about his situation. It’s hard especially for Joe to be all the way here… I hope things get better. Thanks for asking.

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    I have been wanting a spiralizer!! Perhaps, this is the motivation to indulge at Bed, Bath and Beyond next time! How are things on your end? Any better with your FIL?

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    I have never been a huge fan of lamb. I’ll eat it when served, but… Hmmm, maybe I should try your slow cooker method.with your seasonings. It actually does sound good!


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