I received ‘The Gelatin Secret: The surprising superfood that transforms your health and beauty’ from my buddy Sylvie over at Hollywood Homestead recently and wanted to share my review here with you. If you’re part of the paleo/primal/real food community you will have noticed that the word ‘gelatin’ or ‘gelatine’ depending on where you’re from, gets thrown around a lot and with good reason. Gelatin really is a superfood and has many far reaching benefits.

In ‘The Gelatin Secret’ you will find over 45 recipes both savoury and sweet that will help you and your family get the benefits of gelatin in your diet. You will also find real food success stories from Sylvie and her husband Eric as well as in-depth information about gelatin, how it can help our bodies in a variety of ways and how to include it in your diet. But before we get into a bit more detail about the book let’s start by defining just what gelatin is…

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is made from the bones, connective tissues and hides of animals. That’s why when we make things like bone-broth we use the leftover bones of animals (naturally raised of course!), especially bones with higher amounts of connective tissues like chicken feet which add extra gelatinous properties to our broth. When cooled gelatin will set and when warmed up it will turn into liquid, although there are exceptions to that rule as I will share later. When we speak about gelatin we are also speaking about collagen and I’m sure most of us out there have heard about collagen… especially us ladies! As Sylvie shares with us in her eBook ‘The Gelatin Secret’ our bodies can’t absorb collagen through the skin so all those collagen creams that are advertised, forget about those and go make some MUCH cheaper bone broth instead!

What’s So Special About Gelatin?

In her eBook Sylvie shares with us the many benefits of adding Gelatin into our diets. These benefits include things like:

  • Bone health.
  • Joint health.
  • Gut health.
  • Weight loss.
  • Brain health.
  • Skin, hair and nail health.
  • Dental health.

‘The Gelatin Secret’ goes through all of these in great detail, sharing how gelatin affects each of these areas and how each area can benefit from adding gelatin into your diet.

The Gelatin Secret Book

For those of us in the real food community we know just how important all of these areas are, especially gut health. ‘Leaky gut’ is an issue that a lot of people have dealt with (myself included) which sees us intolerant to a whole host of foods. Making and consuming things like bone broth, which you can then drink or use as a base for soups and stews or as a braising liquid, is extremely beneficial in helping to heal a leaky gut, if you don’t want to make bone broth though there are other ways to get gelatin into your diet.

Personally my favourite way is to add it to my tea in the morning, sometimes I even add extra to my cup of bone broth that I drink some mornings. Now you may be thinking how does she add gelatin this way? Won’t it clump up and set in cold drinks? Remember when I said earlier that there are exceptions to the rule? Well there is a form of gelatin that you can stir into your hot or cold drinks that won’t clump up. It’s called ‘Gelatin Hydrolysate’ and like I said it can be mixed into drinks like tea, coffee, water, smoothies or juices. Other than mixing it into drinks it can also be added into soups, condiments, mixed in when making purées or even added into homemade ice cream (makes for a creamier consistency) , basically it can be added in any recipe that you don’t want to gel and set, since this type of gelatin isn’t the right one for that job. This is the brand of gelatin (the green bottle) I use and HIGHLY recommend you use as well as it it sourced from grass-fed cows and we all know how important it is to eat animal products from naturally raised animals! I was lucky enough to have my husband’s friend bring a couple of containers over from the U.S. for me which are still going strong but if you’re in the UK you can find it here or here.

Pumpkin Smoothie Gelatin

Pumpkin Smoothie from ‘The Gelatin Secret’


While getting gelatin into your diet this way is easy, not everyone is going to want to drink a mug of bone broth or eat a bowl of soup everyday, especially in the warmer weather. And while you can add ‘Gelatin Hydrolysate’ to cold drinks sometimes you might want to try something different, which is where ‘Unflavoured Kosher Gelatin’ comes in. This gelatin like the hydrolysate also comes in powdered form but this one will set when cold. Again I recommend using this brand of gelatin (the red or orange bottle) and again if you’re in the UK you can find it here. You can use this gelatin to make things like gummy treats, jelly/jello, mousse or Panna cotta, basically anything that you want to set and hold its shape. If you have kids then this is a great way to get gelatin into their diet!

chocolate covered marshmallows

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows from ‘The Gelatin Secret’


As I mentioned above there are over 45 recipes both savoury and sweet in ‘The Gelatin Secret’ so you shouldn’t have a problem finding ways to include gelatin in your diet and who knows maybe the recipes will inspire you to start creating some of your own. If you’ve been curious about gelatin and want a better understanding of how it works then I can’t recommend this eBook enough!

If you have enjoyed this review and want to purchase a copy of ‘The Gelatin Secret’ from my affiliate partner (and buddy) Sylvie, for yourself or a loved one then click on the image below.


The Gelatin Secret Sylvie McCracken

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